About us : We love Small Businesses

Analysing the needs of the market in 2009, we have noticed a large gap between high-end marketing advertising services available to small and medium businesses.

The reason was simple. Professionalism, quality or high standards did not go hand in hand with the needs of SMEs: low prices, rapidity and low volumes of itemization.We noticed that small businesses lack high quality marketing offers, despite their huge numbers, and crucial importance in the economy. SMEs in the UK, like everywhere else in the world, account for an overwhelming part of the economy. Business of between 10 and 49 employees are responsible for 47 per cent of private sector employment and 33.1 per cent of turnover. Since 2000, their number have been increasing by an average of 3% per year, and they are expected to inject £20 billion into the British economy by 2020. They are widely considered to be the life-blood of the economy, in the UK and in the world. And people are increasingly often deciding to take their future into their own hands.

And we love that.

Based on our analysis, we have found the missing piece. We have realized that by building a bridge to link two banks of the river, we will satisfy the needs of our customers.Montis Design is a bridge connecting small businesses with high-quality marketing services.Thanks to us, your company will succeed much faster and grow rapidly.