Today, web browsing from mobile devices is an ever-growing trend, expected to overtake surfing from desktop and laptop computers in the next few years. But navigation from a smartphone on non-optimised websites can often be frustrating, causing your visitors to exit your sites and you to miss business opportunities. Responsive design is the solution we use to ensure that your website will be displayed consistently across all devices.

A simple solution to a complex problem

The best mobile websites today use responsive design to fit automatically to the user’s choice of device. It avoids all the usability issues cause by a smaller screen size by adapting itself automatically and instantly to the visitors phone or tablet. When detecting a smaller screen size, it alters the structure of the page, the navigation to other pages and hides superfluous information. When space is scarce, it ensures your visitors always find what they are looking for, quickly and conveniently.

Better usability and visibility for your mobile users

Responsive design avoids without the need for a completely separate mobile site. Your site’s infrastructure is simpler, and modifications to your content are visible on all platforms, instantly.

It also also gives you an edge over you non-optimized competitors when competing for the top spots on Google for mobile users. Search engines show better-optimised sites in priority, to improve their users’ experience. This advantage helps you get a better visibility, more visitors and more business!