Whether you do not have brand guidelines or desire an overhaul of your bring identity, Montis Design can help you create a series of guidelines designed to reflect your brand values.

Define or refresh your brand identity, and use it effectively

Once you have defined your branding, you need a concise and simple document to synthesize your identity. With it, you can keep it consistent in time and to be able to communicate effectively this identity to the people who work with you. For any new communication projects, being physical stationery such as leaflets or posters, or online projects such as newsletters or social media accounts, new tools and sometimes new people need to be involved in your branding activities. When you, or someone else, uses your branding, you need to avoid misunderstandings about your brand usage, but you cannot reinvent the wheel every time.

Brand guidelines set the tone and the details of how you show your company to your audience. This set of assets and instructions, in the form of easy to use visuals, defines your brand identity across all the communications you are using or might use in the future. They include a brief summary of your brand values and identity, correct logo usage (with minimum sizes and margins), colour schemes and typefaces.

All-inclusive Marketing Package

A good set of brand guidelines avoids the need the reinvent the wheel for every new communication, and ensures a consistent image of your brand through time and across channels. You can focus on providing your value proposition while your message remains clear and unambiguous. To ensure this versatility and ease of use, our brand Marketing Package includes :

  • Logo usage
  • Typographic treatment
  • Colour palette
  • Photography and icon guidance
  • Tone of voice
  • General Do’s and Dont’s