Your brand is the sum of all features that identify your products or services and distinguish them from your competitors. Its elements include your business’s name, often a logo and sometimes a tagline, but, most importantly, it is associated with your company and its perception from the public. A powerful brand conveys meaning: your industry, your strategy, the values you hold dear, and much more.

By branding your small business, you express all these aspects of your work. This intangible asset can be your best tool to attract new business and retain your current customers!

You are already a brand

By providing products and services to your clientèle, you are already building a reputation, a set of ideas and attitudes that your work evokes. This reputation is already constitutive of a brand, as people know you by name and associate this name to their knowledge of your offerings.

Branding your small business does not consist in creating a mask under which you hide, but to the contrary to effectively communicate the desired message, which you want to be positive, coherent and truthful. It reflects the uniqueness of your work through text, images, ideas and emotions.

Branding your small business with our Marketing Package

Most people equate a brand with a logo, but it is so much more than that. Logos are always used because we humans rely mostly on sight, and images are easy to associate with ideas. But a successful branding creates a coherent and engaging identity through other perceptions as well. We can help you all along this process : helping you define your brand identity, creating a series of guidelines to use it effectively, and assist you with your communications across all channels, online or offline.

Your products and services, through your brand, have personalities, which are meant to gain your audience’s trust. Branding your small business makes sure the right personality is communicated, in every channel, to your audience.

This brand identity starts from you, and targets your current and future customers. And we are here to help you make the best of your branding.