As you begin your activity, you need to quickly build a strong reputation to compete in the marketplace and place your name on the map.

You might want to postpone the branding in favour of ironing your offer, seeking funding or hiring staff. But waiting too long to work on branding your start-up is a mistake, since taking care of your branding beforehand is the best way to help you in all these endeavours. An appropriate and powerful brand will make sure you receive the attention and success you deserve.

A unique identity for your unique offering

Even with an innovative, needed and efficient value proposition, your organization is more than the description of your products and services. The specificities of your offering, the  way you intend to do business, your long-term strategy , your personality and the people you choose to work with, are all elements of your corporate identity. Identifying these characteristics is the first step in making sure that your image will be the right one for you.

A good brand conveys meaning, and includes functional and symbolic attributes. A good brand is both a promise and a vision.

Branding your start-up as a competitive strategy

In order to build your reputation from scratch, and make a name for yourself, differentiation is the key to succeed. As innovative and clever your business plan is, odds are somebody else on the planet is already working towards making it true. And even if nobody currently is, when you do, people will take notice, and might want to follow in your footsteps. Staying ahead of the competition is crucial for new ventures, and attracting capital, people and prospects will depend in a large measure on how well you express that uniqueness.

Your business plan might be the best, it can be copied. Your product might be innovative, it will be imitated. Your pricing might be the most competitive, it may be matched. Your brand is yours, forever.

Branding your start-up to improve cohesion

As your project grows, and you need to include more stakeholders into the fabric of your business network, your vision needs to be clear for everyone. The right message ensures that you attract and retain the right persons and organizations.

In time, you might find that your offer needs to be tweaked, your positioning revised, or your whole plan scrapped altogether. Many companies have encountered these difficulties and had to subsequently pivot into success. If and when this does happen, you need to keep your team and your partners focused on what is important. A powerful brand will provide a focal point around which you can alter other elements of your strategy, without losing the trust and motivation of those around you.

Branding as a continuous process

Conversely, you might later find that the first drafts of your brand identity is no longer perfectly suitable to your activity. If great brands stand the test of time, rapid changes for your business and its environment might mean having to enact changes to your branding. Evolution in the parameters you are dealing with, or new findings on the way, sometimes means having to question previous assumptions.

We think branding is a continuous process, and solid foundations in your brand identity will make it easier to modify the aspects you find are no longer desirable. We will help you change course, or provide you with all the tools to do so if you wish to do without our services.

A marketing package tailored to your needs

Because we know start-ups in early stages often lack resources, our marketing package includes everything you might need to start your activity serenely. We will help you branding your start-up from day one, or overhaul your current branding. We will help you create a series of guidelines designed to reflect your brand values, and can assist you with your communications across all channels, online or offline.