At its heart, UI/UX design aims to make your website simple and intuitive to use for your visitors, and helping them reach and execute the desired action. In your case, you want to convince your prospects to purchase your goods or services, or to contact you in order to do so.

Converting your visitors into customers

Structuring your message into a coherent and targeted website, built to achieve your business goals, is the key element to when considering the UI design of your website. Answering to the questions your prospects and customers will ask themselves, in a language they can understand and trust, without overloading them with information, are the challenges of a satisfactory Web User Experience, and are problems that need to be addressed from day one.

Using all the latest UX techniques

To achieve these goals; our experienced User Experience (UX) expert uses all the latest tools and techniques, starting even before the beginning of the design process :

  • Site objectives (defined goals)
  • User personas (user needs)
  • Functional specification
  • Content requirements
  • Information architecture
  • Prototyping and usability testing

If you already have a website, we will also put to good use the analytics of your existing traffic to refine our understanding of the behaviour and expectations of your current visitors. In the case of a website failing to provide satisfactory levels of conversions, we can help you, sometimes only with minor changes, to improve significantly the tangible results of the UX.