Montis Design’s objective is to serve businesses of all shapes and sizes across a wide range of industry. Web design for small business is for us a challenge we love to tackle. We build websites adapted to your needs, and focus on what is important for you : actually driving sales and improving your bottom-line. To keep things simple, useful and transparent. We love small business, and we love helping them.

Making the best of your Online Presence

We understand very well the budget limitations small businesses often know. And we work with them to make the most of limited budgets. Far from being a problem to us, we consider it a challenge and provide you with the best solution within your financial constraints. New innovations make it easier than ever for small companies to develop a professional, cost-effective web presence. We have a long experience serving organizations of all sizes, and, using latest technology and practices, we build solutions that will get you results at the best cost.

  • Reach millions of internet users in the United Kingdom and all over the world,
  • Get leads and increase your revenue while keeping low costs, withthe cheapest and most effective advertising today,
  • Create and maintain a positive image of your business, increase trust and customer loyalty,

With modular and personalised packages, we grow with you, listen and explain, at every step of the way.

Web Design for your Small Business : Focusing on Results

A website is always a serious investment, and for a small business it is often the bulk of its marketing budget.

We focus on return on investment, by delivering a tool which will effectively bring you new business. Gains in visibility through search engines and conversions of visitors into customers are the two key areas for a small business website. Best technical practices, perfect usability and high quality content ensure you can present yourself to your target audience in a perfectly convincing manner, winning clients and competing efficiently on your market.

For any new website, we help you measure and evaluate the success of our work. We support your decision process by clear recommendations, honest advice, flawless customer service, and rigorous measurements.

Flexibility and Ease of use with a CMS

For its simplicity of use and versatility, we are big fans of the WordPress Content Management System. Flexible and customisable, it is very appropriate for most small businesses websites. It enables your website to grow with your business, by adding modules to bring new features if and when you need them.

  • Change themes while keeping existing content.
  • Integrated ready-to-start blog
  • Simple, seamless E-commerce solutions
  • Easy addition of edition of content
  • Remote and collaborative access
  • Simple monitoring and control

From the beginning of a project, as long as you stay with us and long after, you stay in control of your web presence. We are only here to help.